Cosmetic Tattoos: Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know, but Never Dared to Ask

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Guide to Cosmetic Tattoos 2021: What You Need to Know

These are the answers to some of the questions that we are asked most often:

Cosmetic tattoos are not as deep as body tattoos, and are designed for the face, which is more delicate. There is some pain involved, a but topical or block anaesthetic may be used.

Yes, cosmetic tattoos are safe, and all our equipment is either sterile or sterilised.

Colours change, and although we always try to match any shade you may choose, they should not be judged in the first six weeks. Colour bleeding is rare, but the black pigment used for eyeliner may well become a dark blue. If you already suffer from herpes, lip tattooing may cause cold sores.

If you are pregnant or on medication, you should let us know, as we often prefer not to treat people suffering from diabetes, who are on blood thinners or who drink alcohol excessively.

A tattoo tends to take between four and fourteen days to heal.

To decide on the colour of a tattoo, we take your hair, eyebrow, eye and complexion colours into consideration, and suggest that you bring your usual makeup with you for us to look at.

To decide on the shape of an eyebrow, we ask you to draw your usual shape on one eyebrow, and then we will draw our suggested shape on the other. Feathering is a technique for eyebrows that mimics fine hair strokes.

A lip, eyebrow or eye liner tattoo should heal completely within six weeks. If you get all your tattoos done on the same day, then they will all heal together – and don’t forget you cannot use any cleanser, moisturizer or makeup for four days afterwards.

Remember, a brand new tattoo will always look much brighter, darker and deeper. And a cosmetic tattoo is not temporary, although we certainly do recommend a touch up every two to three years.

When cosmetic tattooing or micro blading is beautifully and professionally done, the result is very natural and our clients leave happy.

Cosmetic Tattoos in the Sunshine Coast

Clynic – Cosmetic Tattoo Artistry, the very best cosmetic and paramedical tattooing specialists on the Sunshine Coast. We do male and female waxing too, and makeup for special occasions – and you can count on Lyn O’Connor as well as Sarah, Zola and Kahyla to bring out the best in you – and then some!

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