Sculpt and set your eyebrows with an eyebrow lamination at Clynic

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Eyebrow Lamination Sunshine Coast

No more waxing or threading! Get beautiful brows with eyebrow lamination or lift in Sunshine Coast! Book today: 07 5494 8251

Once upon a time, waxing and threading were the main treatments to shape your brows. Today, there’s brow lamination, henna brow tint and semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos – all of which might sound a little confusing or overwhelming. Fear not! These are all different treatments which work to colour, sculpt or set your eyebrows, so you can say goodbye to daily eyebrow maintenance and hello to a little extra you-time in the morning.

Have you got eyebrow hairs that stray or just never seem to stay set in place?

Want more feathery, defined lashes that still look natural?

Brow lamination is a treatment that sets your eyebrows in place for a structured, sculpted look you don’t have to redo every morning.

How does it work?

Unlike cosmetic tattoos, in which hairs are etched onto the skin with a microblade or digital machine, brow lamination is simply a solution applied to your eyebrow hairs. First the brows are cleaned and brushed into shape. An adhesive is applied to hold them in place. They are then treated with a solution that helps to condition and strengthen the hairs. This solution is then removed and brows are trimmed and sculpted if needed. To finish off, a protein solution is applied.

Who can get them?

For an eyebrow lamination to be effective, you need to already have eyebrow hair.

It’s great for people whose eyebrow hairs go in different directions, so you can set them in their place! It’s also great for people who want to set an upward stroke to their brow hairs.

How long does a lash lamination last?

The brow lamination treatment will set your brow hairs into place for up to 8 weeks! It all depends on the natural cycle of your eyebrow hair.

Does it add any colour to your brow hairs?

In a brow lamination treatment, the brow hairs are lifted and set into place – this does not add any colour. However, a lot of our clients like to add in tinting with a lamination to add even more definition to their brows.

Wanting to bring a little more definition and structure to your eyebrows with an brow lamination? Get in touch with us at Clynic today by calling us on (07) 5494 8251. We’re located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Landsborough – just moments away from Buderim, Caloundra, Ilkley, Maleny, Montville and the Glass House Mountains.

Eyebrow Lamination Sunshine Coast – Lash & Brow Lift

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