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With semi-permanent makeup treatments becoming increasingly popular, it’s becoming more possible to wake up with your face ready for the day without touching a single makeup brush or tool. But what these cosmetic tattooing procedures don’t offer is a semi-permanent foundation to create the appearance of even and toned skin.

But! There is a new approach to skincare that gives the effects of BB cream and can provide visible results. And it’s available soon at Clynic!

BB Glow Facial Treatment in Sunshine Coast, Landsborough, Caloundra, Buderim, Glenview, Mooloolah Valley, Maleny and Glass House Mountains

The procedure is bloodless, non traumatic, painless and does not require a rehabilitation period. The result? Skin that is more radiant, smooth and glowing.

The treatment targets skin concerns such as:

– Discolouration
– Dark under eye circles
– Uneven skin tone
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Freckles
– Age spots

How long does the treatment last?

Three procedures are required with a 2-3 week period to achieve the effect of foundation for up to 1 year. And each treatment can take 40-60 minutes.

So I can wash my face and it won’t come off like traditional foundation?

Correct! You can wash your face, go running or swimming and the BB Glow treatment will not rub off.

What should I expect in a BB solution treatment?

One of the skilled professionals at Clynic will match a BB cream shade to your skin tone. With a microneedle, the serum is placed to the top layers of skin. The collagen production in the skin is stimulated by the microneedles and the serum adds nourishment and colour to your skin – giving you a glow from the inside out.

Can you still wear traditional makeup?

Yes you can still wear makeup and it won’t affect the treatment. The BB solution is great for providing smoother, lighter skin.

Can you still get a spray tan?

If you regularly get a spray tan, we suggest you get the BB colour matched to the colour of your spray tan.

What happens when it starts to fade away?

The treatment wears away very gradually – so there will not be any noticeable blotches or spots!

Clynic is located at the foot of Mount Mellum, through the township of Landsborough in the Sunshine Coast hinterland – just a drive away from some of the Sunshine Coasts’ hotspots – Maleny, Beerwah, the Glass House Mountains, and Pelican Waters.

To find out more about the Ultra BB Glow Treatment call us on (07) 5494 8251. We’re excited to hear from you soon!

cosmetic & paramedical tattooing


Cosmetic Tattooing

Eyebrow Design: Lifts and frames the face. Enhancement of colour and shape, thickness, definition, and symmetry. Corrects what nature may have overlooked

Eyeliner: Can lift and open the eyes, allowing eyes to look clearer and brighter, creates a thicker lash look, adds definition 

Lips: Improves and defines your own natural lip,  adds fullness, balance and symmetry, creates that fuller lip look. Great for pale or irregular shaped lips

Beauty Spots: The finishing touch of glamour… or perhaps just cheekiness

Oxygenation Facials

O2 Intraceuticlas Facials: Are a unique experience providing instant results you can see and feel. You will look younger, your skin will feel smooth, nourished, hydrated with a radiant finish. The gentle process is non invasive, painless and safe. Both during and after treatment, Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology delivers therapeutic grade oxygen, offering a calm environment for the skin. Their 3 step hyaluronic layering forms the basis of the revolutionary Intraceuticals treatments which provide instant visible results, scientifically skincare design to revive, replenish and protect.

Celebrity icons, movie stars and models from Victoria Secret rave about it!

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint: Colours the eyebrow hair, making them appear fuller and darker, defines the shape

  Henna Brow Tint: Not only colours the eyebrow hair, but also stains the skin which last longer than regular tint

Lash Tint: Adds definition and brighten up the colour of the eye. Can make lashes appear fuller and longer

Eyebrow Sculpt/Tweeze: The difference between creating a defined brow shape and hair removal (waxing)

cosmetic & paramedical tattooing

What people say?

“ Lyn went to great lengths to blend, tailor and sculpt her "art work" to suit my needs, and I have been so very pleased with the results from Day One. My brows are toned to suit my colouring, shaped to suit my eyes, and slender to suit my face & style. The eyeliner has also helped to define and thicken my lashes and looks totally natural, even without makeup. Lyn told me to expect eighteen months to two years from her work, but after three years I’m still delighted.”
Judith Rimmer
I recently had some corrective cosmetic tattooing done by Lyn and was amazed at the level of professionalism and service she offered. Even before and after the procedure, she exhibited a personal interest and compassion usually reserved for family and friends. It was an absolute pleasure to be in her skilled and considered hands. She made me feel relaxed and confident allowing the experience to be one of little consequence. The procedure was painless and productive and I would highly recommend her for any delicate and personally transformative treatments. I was expecting a miracle and she delivered. Thankyou again Lyn...much appreciated."
Carolyn Sheather
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Welcome to Clynic, the Cosmetic & Paramedical Tattooing specialists.  The clinic where you will find professional treatments and products with an environmental conscience. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a relaxing environment, professional staff who know and love their trade and are committed to providing exceptional service.

We have done the research into the safety and chemical toxicity of common services and have developed our menu based on the safest, most effective treatments available.

Everything we do at Clynic is done with care for you, to enhance your natural beauty.

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