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Considerations When Choosing a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Sunshine Coast

This is where word of mouth really counts. Seriously, it does. Whom do your friends and acquaintances on the Sunshine Coast go to for a facial – and for more than that too? And how do they actually look afterwards? Really better? Much better? Younger? Are they happy? Are they overjoyed? Are they more confident? And do you think they look good? After all, there can hardly be a better recommendation than that.

First things first, of course

Make sure you meet your prospective tattoo artist and that you have time to talk to and relax with them – it is really important to relate to them and build up a strong rapport. After all, it’s your face, and you have to trust them absolutely. Their premises have to be impeccably clean, hygienic and sterile too. Treatments carried out incorrectly can do more harm than good. And you certainly can’t afford to risk that.

Welcome to Clynic – Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in Sunshine Coast

Lyn O’Connor has owned and operated Clynic ever since 2007, and she and her skilled expert colleagues provide highly specialised beautifying treatments using state-of-the-art equipment. All Lyn’s life, she has been fascinated by the way semi-permanent makeup can change a person’s appearance from subtle enhancements right through to a complete, dramatic transformation.

Lyn’s expertise lies in her subtle approach of using colour to enrich a client’s appearance

Lyn is fully qualified with a Diploma of Micropigmentation, and she has trained in advanced makeup artistry, colour theory and facial morphology as well as various workplace health and safety areas. Call her today to discuss your issues. It is tattooing that she particularly enjoys and she focuses on colour and specialist techniques, paramedical tattooing, advanced techniques, removal and correction procedures.

Book an appointment with Clynic today

Clynic’s reputation is for being nurturing and professional, reliable and competent – and for putting clients’ health and safety first, always. Lyn says that eyebrows lift and frame the face, and she can enhance colour and shape, thickness, definition and symmetry, correcting what nature may have overlooked, whereas  eyeliner can lift and open the eyes, making them look clearer and brighter, creating a thicker lash look, and adding definition. To lips Lyn adds fullness, balance and symmetry, creating that fuller lip look. And then, of course, why not a beauty spot? Call Clynic and make an appointment today – enjoy yourself.