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The treatments you need for fuller, healthier lashes

Lash Lift, Eyelash Curl & Tint, Sunshine Coast

Eyelashes are a facial feature that we simply tend to take for granted: they are there; they are always the same, and we just put on the mascara and voilà, all is well. Wrong though! Like everything else, eyelashes can become dull and weak – and that is when you might welcome the latest treatments offered by Lyn and her team at Clynic – Cosmetic Tattoo Artistry.

“I once made the mistake of going for a whole row of false eyelashes, which was just wrong as it gave me a sad, puppy-eyed look.” Sienna Miller

Great strides have been made in the strengthening and care of eyelashes, to make them longer, thicker and more voluminous, and leading the pack is lash lamination. Keratin is used to lift your lashes and enhance their thickness and darkness. An added bonus is that the treatment can help to strengthen your lashes at the same time. Each treatment should last from 6-10 weeks, provided that care is taken in maintenance, and you will never have to use glue again for those lashes.

“Every woman should wear make-up. It takes years off. I’m wearing lots of false eyelashes today, and to me, lipstick is the best cosmetic that exists.” Joan Collins

YUMI lashes is a treatment developed in Switzerland that lifts, curls and tints your natural lashes and does away with the need for extensions. While there is nothing to stop you from wearing mascara after you have had a YUMI treatment, most people find that it is no longer necessary to do so as the YUMI lashes look just as good without any enhancement. What more can one say? You just have to lie down and let the serum work its magic. It is that simple!

“Honey, I am going to my grave with my eyelashes and my makeup on.” Tammy Faye Bakker

Mayamy lashes are another option: they not only highlight your lashes, but also help to strengthen them and keep them healthy.

“What I have to say is far more important than how long my eyelashes are.” Walter Scott

But always seek the professional advice of an expert beauty specialist before you decide how you want to proceed – and who better than the team at Clynic? Lyn’s reputation speaks for itself: experienced, nurturing, competent and always with the client’s best interests at heart. Call us now!

Lash Lift Sunshine Coast – EyeLash Curl & Tint Treatment