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At Clynic, you will find professional facials, waxing, semi permanent makeup, cosmetic eyebrow and lip tattoo in Beerwah QLD! Free consultation: 07-5494-8251

In Beerwah, you’re close to two of the Sunshine Coast’s major attractions. You can spend the morning with a sunrise hike up Mount Beerwah, looking out over the glorious hinterland and coast line, and then you can spend the day with crocodiles and other animals at Australia Zoo. It’s a great place to live or holiday – You’re just a step away from all the best the Sunshine Coast has to offer – the Glass House Mountains, Maleny’s gorgeous waterfalls and cute cafes and the Coast’s beautiful beaches.

And you’re just around the corner from Landsborough where you’ll find Clynic

Clynic offers a range of specialist beauty treatments including the increasingly popular cosmetic tattoo treatments. Unlike conventional tattoos, which use permanent inks and go deeper into the subcutaneous layer, cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent. Clynic offers various different cosmetic tattooing treatments including our most popular:

  1. Eyeliner tattoos – so you can say goodbye to perfecting your eyeliner, and having to remove and apply it every day.
  2. Eyebrow tattoos – which are an absolute dream if you fill your brows every day. Imagine just waking up and having perfect brows, without the fuss or mess of applying and removing.
  3. Lip tattoos – for anyone who wants to change their lip colour or add a little volume to their lips.

You can also refresh and hydrate your skin with an Intraceutical Oxygenation Facial at Clynic

Holidays aren’t the only time you should be pampering and treating your skin well. Whether you are a visitor or resident to Beerwah, Clynic offers a unique facial that can help to lighten, brighten and rejuvenate your skin. In an oxygenation facial, special serums are delivered to your skin with pressurised oxygen – hydrating and nourishing your face.

If you love this treatment as much as the team at Clynic, you can also take home Intraceutical serums so you can continue the treatment.

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*All pigments are FDA approved

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