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What is it that you look for in a town? A village atmosphere? Community spirit? Why do people say Buderim is “a town worth looking at for your kids’ sake”? Because it not only has a history, but there is art and a lively main street — so that it’s actually tradition meets funky. That sounds good to me: tranquil and relaxed as most Sunshine Coast towns are — with nearby beaches and a cool sea breeze — fine schools and a university locally — good coffee shops and restaurants and medical facilities. In whatever order you please. You could call Buderim a hill station.

Hans Christian Andersen: “ ‘Just living isn’t enough,’ said the butterfly, ‘one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower’. ”

Of course the whole of the Sunshine Coast rejoices in beautiful weather and a glamorous lifestyle, but somehow Buderim really is special. You can play golf there, and swim and ride, and the streets are lined with flowering trees — and hibiscus, bougainvillea, poinciana and frangipani, and the hairpin honeysuckle after which Buderim is named. The views are panoramic and breathtaking, and the gardens are lovely. Buderim has been known for its ginger — arguably some of the best in the world ¬— ever since some was planted there just after the First World War.

A living memorial

After the Second World War, Buderim decided not to have a cold, stone statue, a park or even an avenue of trees to commemorate those who gave their lives. Instead, with rare vision, the community resolved to keep Buderim as a place worth fighting for . . . a place that would maintain the spirit of community that had characterised Buderim during the war years.

A fresh, timeless and effortless image

If you are visiting Buderim, or living there, and want to look your best, make an appointment with Clynic. It’s not far away, and Lyn O’Connor and her team really know how to pamper you. They are not only specialists in cosmetic tattoos and permanent makeup — think eyebrows and eyeliner and lip line and colour — but facials too, and male and female waxing. Go for a comprehensive consultation, explain your concerns, and the professionals at Clynic will work out the best procedure to help enhance your natural features. And enhance your life too.

*All consultations are private and confidential
*All procedures comply with health department regulations
*All pigment is FDA approved.

Permanent Makeup, Facials, Waxing & Cosmetic Tattoo Buderim