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Taking care of your new cosmetic tattooing

How to Take Care of a Cosmetic Tattoo

Congrats on your new cosmetic tattoo! But can you maintain it? Here’s a step by step guide on how to take care of a cosmetic tattoo and make it last for years!

First of all, of course you should check with your cosmetic tattoo specialist while the procedure is being done for careful, detailed guidance on how best to take care of your new tattoo. But there are also some general rules it would be wise to follow:

1. Clean ice packs well protected with a cloth may be used to prevent swelling everywhere except on the lips

2. Sleep with your head slightly elevated

3. Maintain hygienic sanitary practices at all times, and of course wash your hands thoroughly before touching the affected area

4. Always wear glasses outdoors to protect new eyeliner from any dust

5. Never, under any circumstances, pick, peel or scratch the tattooed area

6. Do not apply any make-up to the tattooed area for at least three full days

7. If you undergo an eyeliner procedure, please use a new mascara for at least the first 10 days following the three days of no make-up. An eyelash curler should not be used for at least two weeks after the procedure

8. Do not expose your healing skin to a direct shower spray, skin cream or any ointment other than what the cosmetic tattoo specialist has prescribed for at least three days after the procedure

9. Do not expose your healing skin to any direct sunlight, and avoid chlorine, saunas and extremely hot weather for at least two weeks following the procedure

10. Use a top quality sunscreen or sunblock spray, gel or lotion every day, including on your lips.

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After following the above advice, and also having met with your cosmetic tattoo specialist for a further examination, you will be free to enjoy the full benefits of your new look until you think you need a touch-up or two, but this will normally be at least one or two years after the procedure, if not longer.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take Care of a Cosmetic Tattoo – Sunshine Coast, Landsborough, Caloundra, Buderim, Glenview, Pelican Waters