About Clynic

Hi, my name is Lyn O’Connor and I’m a Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Tattoo Artist.

I deliver highly specialised treatments using state-of-the-art equipment, and regular extension of my advanced skills. My treatments apply to both sexes, and include; cosmetic tattooing, paramedical tattooing (scar relaxation and nipple areola recreating).

I have owned and operated Clynic since 2007 and my passion for the permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing industry began in 1996. My fondness for painting faces started in primary school and lead to my first job in a pharmacy where I started to apply makeup up on a more professional level for our makeup houses. I have been continually drawn to the way this can change ones appearances from subtle enhancement to total transformation. I commenced my education with a Diploma of Micropigmentation and since then have trained in advanced makeup artistry, colour theory, facial morphology, and various workplace health and safety areas'. However, it has been my tattoo training which I specifically enjoy and challenge myself with through international conventions workshops and seminars – this includes; specialist techniques, paramedical tattooing, advanced techniques, removal and correction procedures.

Working in this industry has provided me the opportunity to refresh and enhance natural features with long-lasting and natural looking results; something, I am very grateful for. My expertise lays in the subtle approach of using colour to enrich a client’s appearance; rather than creating a strong made–up look (although l can do this). I believe the key to cosmetic tattooing is working with the face’s natural morphology and using techniques which can enhance it. Understanding skin colour and colour theory when implanting pigments in the skin is vital to achieve the best results. As skin holds its own colour, it’s imperative a technician understands what pigments are required to ensure the desired colour is achieved. Unfortunately, I perform a lot of correction work in regard to colour balance and shape due to in adequate training; select wisely!

When choosing a clinic to perform your treatment, an environment where safety and comfort are paramount. At Clynic all procedures are undertaken in hygienic conditions with single-use disposable parts and needles. A client’s health and safety is the first priority to any treatment.

There is immense personal satisfaction gained from restoring colour, lifting, adding to and re-aligning features of the face. My aspiration is to create a difference so my clients enjoy the benefits. I'm happy to discuss any way in which I can contribute to the wellbeing; please feel welcome to contact me for more for a consultation.

Enhancing natural beauty is Clynic’s forte.

Lyn O’Connor