After applying makeup to faces (in my first job) when l was 16, and watching how this can change appearances from subtle enhancement to total transformation, l found myself at 35 being trained in the art of permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo/colour implants/permanent cosmetics/micro-pigmentation). Working in this industry has provided me the opportunity to refresh and enhance natural features with long-lasting and natural looking results; something, I am very grateful for. My passion lies in using colour to enrich a client’s appearance; rather than creating a strong made–up look although l can do this. I believe the key to cosmetic tattooing is working with the face’s natural morphology and using techniques which can enhance it.

My love for this field drives me to keep in touch with the latest in equipment, technology and practices. Understanding skin colour, the morphology of the face, and colour theory in relation to implanting pigments in the skin is vital to achieve the best results. As skin holds its own colour, it’s imperative a technician understands what pigments are required to ensure the desired colour is achieved. For these reasons, I’m constantly advancing my skills through international trainers, comprehensive workshops and seminars.

There is immense personal satisfaction gained from restoring colour, lifting, adding to and re-aligning features of the face. My passion is to create a difference so my clients in enjoy the benefits. Enhancing natural beauty is Clynic’s forte.
“For those of you who have supported Clynic… the highest compliment has been your referrals”

Happy stories

ā€œ Lyn went to great lengths to blend, tailor and sculpt her "art work" to suit my needs, and I have been so very pleased with the results from Day One. My brows are toned to suit my colouring, shaped to suit my eyes, and slender to suit my face & style. The eyeliner has also helped to define and thicken my lashes and looks totally natural, even without makeup. Lyn told me to expect eighteen months to two years from her work, but after three years Iā€™m still delighted.ā€

Judith Rimmer

"I recently had some corrective cosmetic tattooing done by Lyn and was amazed at the level of professionalism and service she offered. Even before and after the procedure, she exhibited a personal interest and compassion usually reserved for family and friends. It was an absolute pleasure to be in her skilled and considered hands. She made me feel relaxed and confident allowing the experience to be one of little consequence.

The procedure was painless and productive and I would highly recommend her for any delicate and personally transformative treatments.

I was expecting a miracle and she delivered.

Thankyou again Lyn...much appreciated."

Carolyn Sheather