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At Clynic, you will find professional facials, waxing, semi permanent makeup, cosmetic eyebrow & lip tattoo in Peachester QLD! Free consultation: 07-5494-8251

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most dynamic areas in Australia. It has the gorgeous coastline, the Glass House Mountains, quaint hinterland towns, expansive farming areas and fantastic national parks. Tucked away in the Hinterland, moments away from Landsborough and Maleny, is the town of Peachester. The town was thought to be named after peach trees growing at the river crossing on the Stanley River. Now it is home to over a thousand Sunshine Coast residents.

Life in Peachester offers the best of both worlds. You’re away from the urban buzz, surrounded by gorgeous, lush greenery. But the beach is only a short drive away. You can be hiking at sunrise and watching the sunset with sand beneath your toes at dusk.

And in a fifteen minute drive, you’re at the doorstep of Clynic

Clynic is a facial and beauty therapy practice, where Lyn O’Connor and her professional team specialise in semi-permanent makeup and other specialised beauty services. If your daily makeup routine involves filling in your brows, drawing on the perfect eyeliner or adding colour to your lips, you might want to think about cosmetic tattoo treatment. With cosmetic lip, eyeliner or eyebrow tattoos, a semi-permanent pigment is injected into the skin to create a look that lasts. Semi-permanent makeup can last years – saving you time, money, effort and mess.

Imagine that – waking up to the perfect eyebrow. Or diving into the ocean, only to have your eyeliner perfectly in place (and not smudged around your eyes!) Cosmetic tattoos offer you that reality, and it’s a specialist treatment offered at Clynic.

The team also offers conventional makeup, waxing, facials and beauty products.

Enjoy a 60 minute Intraceutical Oxygenation Facial at Clynic. Oxygenation facials are a natural, heat free therapy, designed to hydrate, brighten and nourish your skin. Clynic offers four different Intraceutical serums, each offering different benefits for different skin types. The serums are first applied to your skin, and a machine of pressurised oxygen is used to infuse the oxygen to the skin. The oxygen helps the serums to infuse more effectively, whilst helping to hydrate and renew the skin.

If you love your Intraceutical facial just like the team at Clynic, Intraceutical products are offered for purchase too!

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Semi Permanent Makeup, Facials, Waxing,Cosmetic Eyebrow & Lip Tattoo Peachester QLD