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The story Behind Clynic


Clynic follows the ethos of Juno in her devotion to women

Juno, the Roman Goddess of Women, was connected with all aspects of the soul of women. In her role as female comforter she cared for and empowered her tribe.

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Enhancing your natural beauty

Lyn Mcgarry

Clynic was created in 2007 from a vision Lyn had to create a soulful space where people could experience the benefit of facial and cosmetic treatments in a safe and natural environment.

Lyn feels inspired looking at people’s faces. She loves the uniqueness of everyone’s features and enjoys masterfully bringing those features to life.

Clynic uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the high-quality serums, creams, tonics and blends are utilised to their fullest on each skin type.

Lyn’s expertise and passion is cosmetic tattooing, shading brows designing liners and enhancing lip colours, and she continues to be both teacher and student, advanced techniques, removal and correction procedures.

Lyn holds a Diploma of Micropigmentation and has trained overseas in advanced makeup artistry, colour theory, facial morphology, and various workplace health and safety areas.

Lyn has been undertaking cosmetic tattoo artistry and facial therapies for over 25 years and continues to develop her craft, ensuring the safest and most up-to-date technologies are used.

The best part of beauty is that
which no picture can express.

Meet the team

Kahyla | Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Kahyla specialises in eyebrow enhancement. She's been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and she loves learning new things and seeing all the new ways she can enhance our faces.

Ombre eyebrow tattooings is her favourite treatment at the moment. The way it can change a face is amazing and nothing beats having perfect brows everyday without having to lift a finger.

At home she is a mum to an 11 month old little boy who keeps her and his dad very busy.

Fun fact about Kahyla: even though she lives in Queensland she's an avid snowboarder and has even won a couple of gold medals doing it.

Sarah | Snr Skin Therapist

Sarah is the Senior Skin Therapist here at Clynic. Having very problamatic skin herself she had a strong desire to learn how to treat and improve her own skin and regain her lost confidence. Now she gets to share her ever expanding knowledge to do the same for Clynic's clients.

Sarah has worked in the Beauty and Aesthetics industry for the last 10 years specialising predominantly in advanced non surgical skin treatments. Using this decade of experience and passion, along with the latest technological equipment for advanced skin care, she takes time to individually develop treatment plans to suit each client’s needs and skin condition to achieve the very best results.

Her aim is to make people feel good about their appearance, increasing their confidence and self-esteem. Enhancing their natural beauty, while doing what she loves most.

Jazmine | marketing Manager

Jazmine is the Social Media & Marketing Manager for Clynic. Her passion for the beauty industry started when she lived in London and worked along side content creators.

She loves creating beautiful content and what better way to do it then at Clynic.

Working here has been a dream job of hers and she couldn’t be happier working along side of such a beautiful and supportive team!

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