Annual colour boost/refresh of cosmetic tattooing – the myth and the reality

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Cosmetic Tattoo Refresh in Sunshine Coast

Here at Clynic, we are specialists in cosmetic tattoo refresh, colour boost and touch up for your lip, eyebrow & eyeliner tattoo! Visit our tattoo studio in Sunshine Coast!

While cosmetic tattooing may well last between one and even five years, the norm is usually three years.

However, this will be affected by a number of factors, such as:

– The quality and brands of the pigment that is used
– The professional abilities of the cosmetic tattoo specialist who carries out the procedure
– The skin type of the client
– Exposure to the sun — this will make the pigment fade a lot more quickly
– Medication, if any, taken by the client. This should be made known to the cosmetic tattoo specialist at the initial consultation
– The client’s metabolism — take into account everyone heals differently
– Beauty treatments and certain creams such as glycolic acids and peels may well affect the tattoo
– Aftercare really matters, so follow your cosmetic tattoo specialist’s advice to the letter
– Colour does make a difference too. Darker colours such as black eyeliner usually last longer

Nurturing and professional, reliable and competent

You should certainly check your cosmetic tattoos after 12 months to see if a colour boost/ touch-up is necessary and proceed accordingly. Nothing lasts forever, but a follow-up with your tattooing specialist after 12 to 24 months will allow you to take any remedial action that may be needed.

Clients’ health and safety are our priority in all treatments

Naturally, you are the best judge of what is required and a lot depends on how you feel about your appearance and whether or not you would like a touch-up. It is your appearance and whatever pleases you and makes you feel confident and satisfied that matter. A cosmetic tattoo artist like Lyn at Clynic will always listen to any concerns you may have and will give you her professional advice. Trust in your cosmetic tattoo specialist is vital, and will allow you to make decisions necessary to maintain your fresh and rejuvenated appearance and to look yourself only better, 24/7.

After 20+ years of experience, Lyn’s background in advanced makeup artistry, colour theory, and facial morphology helps her achieve the best possible results

Located at 3322 Old Gympie Road in Landsborough, Clynic is known for the quality of its cosmetic tattoo artists and has an excellent reputation in the beauty field. Book your appointment today. Put yourselves in our hands and you can be sure of looking your best through the magic of our permanent makeup specialists, brow artists and facial therapists.

Cosmetic Tattoo Refresh, Colour Boost & Touch-Up in Sunshine Coast

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