Get fuller lips with lip tattoos

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Cosmetic Lip Tattoos Sunshine Coast

Get fuller lips with cosmetic lip tattoos in Sunshine Coast! Semi permanent full lips that last 12-18 months! Book today at Clynic: 07 5494 8251

Cosmetic lip tattoos are becoming more sought after, as people realise how many great benefits there are. To name a few – how about a lip colour that lasts all day long? Or not having your dream lip colour all year round, without having to apply or remove it? If you want to read more of the benefits of lip tattoos and why you should consider getting one, check out one of our previous blog posts here.

But more than the time-saving benefits and reduced mess of removing and applying, there’s a big benefit that isn’t often talked about …

Lip tattoos can add volume and fullness to your lips!

That’s right – you can increase the plumpness with your lips, AND have a semi-permanent colour added to your lips with a lip tattoo.

What’s the process of a lip tattoo?

First, a design is drawn onto your lips so you can confirm you’re getting the design you want. With a digital or rotary machine, the colour pigments are placed into the lips.

Does it hurt?

The pain of a lip tattoo depends on your individual pain tolerance. Aftercare is also extremely important to avoid infection. Clynic provides a link to a cosmetic compounding pharmacist where you are able to purchase numbing solutions to reduce/nil sensitivity.

Why does it add volume?

A lip tattoo enhances the collagen in your lips and increases their elasticity, which contributes to the appearance of a fuller lip. Some clients have experienced up to 3mm difference.

How long will my lips be fuller?

The collagen can last for 12-18 months!

Love the idea of a lip tattoo and want to book in?

To book a consultation or find out more about lip tattoos, call us now on (07) 5494 8251 or book on our website.

We also offer other cosmetic tattoo treatments

Whether you’re after defined brows that you don’t have to shape and fill in every day, or eyeliner that won’t wash or rub off, our team can help. We offer cosmetic brow tattoos and cosmetic eyeliner tattoos, which like lip tattoos, are semi permanent makeup treatments to help take the fuss and time out of makeup.

We’re located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Landsborough – Just moments away from Buderim, Caloundra, Ilkley, Maleny, Montville and the Glass House Mountains.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoos Sunshine Coast – Get Fuller Lips at Clynic

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