All You Need To Know About The Keratin Lash Lift

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Lash Lift Sunshine Coast

Fed up of forever fiddling with false eyelashes or spending time having lash extensions? Then why not try a keratin lash lift and save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Your lashes will come out looking their very best, and you will not need to think about them again for between six and eight weeks.

Restore the natural structure of your eyelashes, moisturise them and increase their volume

The keratin lash lift we offer is more gentle than standard lash lifts. Instead of breaking the hair bonds, the keratin allows the hair to be ‘bent’ without breaking the bond, which ensures the integrity of the hair. And we do recommend a 20 minute Botox protein treatment at the end of a lash lift to fill any holes in the hair and strengthen it from the inside out.

Achieve that irresistible look you have always wanted when you flutter your long, thick eyelashes

With a keratin-infused lash lift, attention will be drawn to your eyes – the mirrors of your soul – and you will be able to further enhance them with mascara and eye make-up after just 24 hours.

We know that you will want to come back for more once you’ve put yourself in the hands of the experts at Clynic.

We can work together to give you the most glorious eyelashes, because our team is here to advise you and to help you decide. We would like to tell you about all our other services too, such as eyebrow tattoos and permanent eye liner to make your eyes even more dramatic without any hard work in front of the mirror.

Give yourself a real treat – sit back, relax, and enjoy a day of pure indulgence and a dramatically voluminous look!

Clynic is well-established on the Sunshine Coast, with a reputation for being nurturing and professional, reliable and competent, and a loyal clientele who trust us with all their beauty needs, from cosmetic tattoos to male and female waxings.

Give us a ring to make an appointment, and you may be assured that you will be in the care of make-up artists of the highest order

Clynic knows that every single face has its own interesting and unique features which make up its individual style, and we would like to find the best solutions for yours. Contact us today!

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