Vitamin D Myths and the Sunscreen Truth

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How can Vitamin D help your skin? What is the best source? Expert advice by Lyn O’Connor, cosmetic tattooist and facial therapist in Sunshine Coast!

Vitamin D has received a lot of coverage recently with claims that it prevents everything from cancer to depression.

Always ask a professional

I went to see what facial therapist and cosmetic tattooing specialist Lyn O’Connor’s opinion is. After all, she has been in the business for over 20 years and provides her clients with a comprehensive consultation to hear their concerns and evaluate the best procedure to help enhance natural features.

You do not need to screen for vitamin D

“Moderation and balance in all things,” Lyn told me. “But while, yes, you do need a healthy vitamin D level for bone density, muscle aches and fatigue, you don’t need to panic about a deficiency. Fatty foods, dairy and fruit are major sources of vitamin D, although they don’t really provide enough. Sunshine does, but that causes all sorts of other problems. Even doctors don’t seem to agree on what the right level of vitamin D — calcium — in the blood is, and no one slathers on enough sunscreen to block all UV rays.”

There have not been randomised controlled trials that show a clear causal relationship between vitamin D and disease.

So back to taking supplements and going outside having taken proper precautions. Oddly enough, you are not more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency in winter than in summer, but does seem that older people need more Vitamin D than younger people, large people need more than small people, fat people need more than thin people, northern people need more than southern people and dark-skinned people need more than fair skinned people. Also that tanning lights and sitting behind glass don’t help.

My conclusion is:

Do strengthen your bones by eating fatty fish, dairy products, egg yolks, beef liver and foods fortified with Vitamin D and take supplements if you need to but, most importantly, be sensible about going out into the sun and protect yourself from UVB with plenty of sunscreen. There will still be enough sunshine to allow you to manufacture your own Vitamin D.

And if you are on the Sunshine Coast anywhere near Landsborough, do go and see Lyn. If there is anything she can do to help you, from makeup to waxing, you can be sure she wants to help.

*All consultations remain private and confidential.

*All procedures comply with health department regulations.

*All pigment is FDA approved.


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