Short-term and long-term solutions for defined, sculpted brows

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Cosmetic Brow Tattoo & Eyebrow Sculpting Sunshine Coast

The first priority is to decide whether you want to continue with the short-term care of your eyebrows or whether you are ready to commit to a cosmetic brow tattoo, the long-term option, administered by a professional cosmetic tattooing specialist.

“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” Jack Black

Are you fed up with having to fill in your eyebrows every day, because they are too light or not sufficiently defined? Brow sculpting is the semi-permanent textured eyebrow gel/skin paint that is applied to the skin to define and fill in eyebrows. Each brow takes 30 minutes and the effect lasts for some three weeks.

“The raising of an eyebrow, how you do it; when you look, how you look. All those little things are physical.” Chevy Chase

Then there is brow lamination, which is basically a perm for your eyebrows using a setting lotion that helps brow hair to stay lifted for about six weeks.

“Eyebrows are really important because they structure the face. In school it was funny because I was always the one walking around with tweezers plucking my girlfriends’ eyebrows. I was really good; eyebrow tweezing runs in my family – my mother used to do mine, and I picked it up.” Rita Ora

Henna tinting not only dyes the hairs but will leave a stain on the skin behind the brow for about two weeks, giving a fuller look for about six weeks.

“I’m getting a wrinkle above my eyebrow because I just can’t stop lifting it, and I love that you know.” Angelina Jolie

But these are only temporary measures, requiring regular touch-ups. The longer term solution is cosmetic brow tattooing, which lasts anywhere from six to 36 months before fading. After the initial treatment, a touch-up will be needed after four to six weeks; then nothing further should be required for quite some time. Cosmetic tattoos will fade since they are much more superficial than regular body tattoos, but they certainly last a good deal longer than the short-term options available.

“I think an eyebrow can change the way you feel. It changes everything about your confidence.” Anastasia Soare

Are you ready to take the next step and put yourself in the hands of a tattooing specialist? If you are, be sure to use an experienced, reliable tattooing specialist — and no one is more highly qualified than Lyn at Clynic – Cosmetic Tattoo Artistry. Stop by for a consultation and reap the benefits of Lyn and her team’s expertise in the beauty business.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Sculpting & Cosmetic Brow Tattoo Sunshine Coast

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