Facial: Top five procedures for a spring refresh

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It’s spring, always a time for renewal and rejuvenation, and for fresh, up to date beauty procedures and treatments too. It’s really the best time of year to give some attention to you and look after your appearance and skin whilst investing in yourself and know your worth it.

Clynic’s culture is to find solutions for the enhancement of natural beauty and physical confidence

At Clynic, we automatically monitor every new trend in the field of beauty treatments very closely, and here are the top five procedures for this spring:

Clynic’s spring suggestions

1. Why don’t you treat yourself to some cosmetic tattoo artistry and give yourself permanent eyeliner so that you won’t have to spend ages applying that line around your eyes every morning — and probably have to top up during the day.

2. And you could have a lip tattoo and throw away some of those sticky lipsticks that fade and need constant touching up all day, with the added benefit of far better defined, symmetrical lips that do not require constant enhancement.

3. Tattoo your eyebrows! Ombre Brows are a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates softly shaded brows to fill in sparse or thinning brows, giving you an effortless full brow and no need for any more expensive pencils or gels, adding colour, enhancing or defining a brow, takes years away from your face/image

4. Indulge in a relaxing, therapeutic/cosmeceutical facial. Set yourself up for the rest of the year with one of Clynic’s highly trained professionals. You’ll come away feeling years younger.

5. Treat yourself — and your partner too — to an oxygenation facial, brow maintenance, waxing treatments (male and female waxings are available at Clynic) so that you are well prepared for summer and the Sunshine Coast beaches.

The health and well-being of both the professional beauty industry and its clientele is our top priority

You can check with our team to see if we are offering any new treatments, apart from cosmetic tattooing, high performance peptide facials, oxygenation facials, dermaplaning, specialised brow and lash services and body piercing

We want you, our valued clients, to know that your peace of mind, health and safety are our prime concern

Clynic will always do their utmost to meet your requests, and our team are on hand to tell you all about the latest treatments. Book your appointment now!

Naturally, due to Covid-19 we are taking extra measures to go above and beyond our normal protocol to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff, as we continue business as usual.

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