How to achieve the effect of full lips

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Lips Tattooing Sunshine Coast

Get fuller lips without surgery! No more smudged lipstick, no more lip colour that fades! At Clynic, we offer cosmetic lip tattooing in Sunshine Coast!

Cosmetic tattooing has become the norm. Call in to the Clynic salon in Landsborough for a consultation, and discuss what you would like to achieve, the look you desire, and let specialist cosmetic artists pre-draw the effect so that you can visualise and refine it until it is just right.

Give yourself the freedom of knowing that your lips are perfect 24/7

While lip tattooing was really a daunting prospect a few years ago, nowadays the whole process has been improved and refined to minimize any discomfort and lip tattoos are high up on the list of preferred beauty treatments throughout the world.

Kylie Jenner turned her love for lip liner into a beauty empire

It is not only a matter of women wanting full, pouty lips à la Angelina Jolie. In many cases, it is a desire to create definition and symmetry, and of course to increase your own confidence in your appearance.

We value our clients, and our clients value us

Cosmetic tattoo artistic specialists like Lyn and the team at Clynic can help you to achieve the look you would like through semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement and with minimum irritation, thanks to the very latest technology and newest techniques. For example, in lip blushing, the tattoo not only corrects uneven lips, it enhances the shape and the size of your lips also.

Lyn’s expertise lies in her subtle approach of using colour to enrich your appearance

If you want to add permanent colour, be sure to choose a shade that you will feel comfortable enough living with for at least a year or two. It is also advisable to bring samples of your favourite shades along to the consultation, so that whatever hue you eventually decide on can be matched when the tattoo is done.

At Clynic, proper hygiene, sanitation, and maintaining a healthy environment for our clients and team is and always has been a top priority

Imagine, no more smudged lipstick, and no more lip colour that fades. It won’t come off on a facemask either. More balanced and symmetrical lips will see you through the day and night without a problem. What could be better or more welcome than that? We know: nothing! Contact us today to book your time at Clynic.

Put yourself in our hands, and let us do the rest.

Cosmetic Lips Tattooing in Sunshine Coast, Landsborough, Caloundra, Buderim, Glenview, Pelican Waters & Surrounding Areas!

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