The Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup Sunshine Coast: Eyes, Eyebrows & Lips

Have you ever considered permanent makeup – or cosmetic tattoos or micropigmentation as it is also called? The tattoo artist will use a pen which contains iron oxide to tattoo eyeliner or lipstick or eyebrows and create the look of makeup. Permanent makeup can even camouflage scars, and fill in an uneven hairline too.

Remember though that although permanent makeup will certainly fade with time, and need touching up occasionally, it is very difficult to remove entirely. So that does make it a real commitment.

Anyone can have permanent makeup just because they want to, but it is especially useful for someone with poor eyesight or shaky hands – or who is very impatient about getting up and getting ready, and anyone playing sport. That means anyone suffering from cataracts or arthritis or even multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s – and anyone who has had a stroke – may find it a godsend to avoid putting on makeup while still managing to look their best.

And don’t forget that areas on the eyes, eyebrows and lips do change with age. Fashions change too.

Have a proper consultation before making any final decision – find out whether you will need anaesthesia, and look at the tattoo artist’s credentials. Check their experience and, of course, how clean and hygienic their office is. Do they use medical-grade sterilisation and high quality ink? How long have they been in this profession? Where did they train and where have they worked? Do they give natural results, and what is their follow-up care policy? What is your skin type, and what do they advise? Most importantly, is this what you want and do you feel confident?

Permanent Makeup with Cosmetic Tattooing in the Sunshine Coast

There is always a risk of infection when needles are involved: the body may react, and some people are allergic to certain tattoo inks. Short-term side effects of permanent makeup may include swelling, tenderness and occasional bruising.

But permanent makeup does save time and boost confidence: “Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside,” Lyn O’Connor of Clynic – Cosmetic Tattoo Artistry always says.

Call Lyn at Clynic if you are on the Sunshine Coast. She really is both a cosmetic tattoo specialist and an artist who achieves the best possible results. Try a tattoo today. Permanent makeup may prove to be a real blessing for you.

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