The Best Trends in Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup Sunshine Coast

We all like to keep abreast of new trends – and a lot is happening in permanent and semi-permanent makeup at the moment. In fact, it is improving all the time, with new and more refined procedures, and our clients say they are only sorry they didn’t try it sooner.

Permanent makeup should be comfortable, suitable for everyday use and as natural as possible. And it certainly saves a lot of time.

On the Sunshine Coast, Clynic finds that eyebrow procedure is still the most popular, followed by lip tattoos, but microblading may be on its way out, despite its super-thin strokes, especially for anyone with oily skin and large pores. It’s powder brushing now, which is easier to learn, refine and perfect. Powder brows look more natural and last longer too.

Fake looks are out of date

And then there is nanoblading, which is more sophisticated than microblading, because the hairs are finer. And brow lamination, if you already have a lot of brow hair. It brushes and lifts your brows up.

But microblading is still the most popular procedure by far

Permanent Makeup Sunshine Coast – Lips, Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lashes

Permanent eyeliner, usually applied in two colours, is more gentle than it used to be – and is a perfect, long-term, smudge-free solution, and therefore very sought after.

And lash lifts, or perms, have become more popular now than lash extensions, because they look more natural

Thanks to Instagram, freckles are in, and many people who hated their freckles when they were children think it would really be fun to have them back again now.

Semi-permanent lip tattoos or lip blush are ideal for plumper lips, for those who like colour, and for covering up imperfections and pigment while maintaining a natural look.

Scar camouflage, or micro pigmentation, which can be used over acne too, applies flesh tone pigments in the skin to correct and make scars invisible, and lasts for years if you keep out of direct sunlight.

At Clynic, we know that every face has its own interesting and unique features, which make up its individual style. And our passion is to enhance what already exists, and to enrich our clients’ appearance, finding solutions and enhancing natural beauty and physical confidence. If you are on the Sunshine Coast, call Clynic today for the most professional advice and information – and make an appointment so that you too can look your very best after cosmetic tattoo artistry.

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