Why you should make the move to semi-permanent eyebrows

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Eyebrow Tattoo Sunshine Coast

Completely natural looking eyebrow with semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo treatment in Sunshine Coast! Book an appointment today: 07 5494 8251

Someone once said ‘if eyes are the window to the soul, eyebrows are the frame’. If you’ve ever accidentally plucked too much off your eyebrow, you would know how much of a difference it can make to your appearance. Eyebrows frame our faces and give it shape and definition. That’s why it’s important to have eyebrows that are shaped, styled and shaded perfectly. Between all the styling, waxing, plucking and filling in, eyebrows can take up quite a bit of our time. Imagine waking up every morning to perfect eyebrows. How about eyebrows that don’t come off at night when you remove your makeup? Maybe it sounds like a dream – but it’s what we do here at Clynic. Here’s the top three reasons we love semi-permanent eyebrows:

1. They look natural

We know you don’t want eyebrows that are too dark, too light or too thick. You want eyebrows that are natural and enhance your natural beauty. That’s why we use inks and techniques to ensure your eyebrows suit your face shape and complexion. You’ll be in awe of how natural your eyebrows look!

2. You can wake up ready to go

One of our favourite things about cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, is that you don’t have to draw on your eyebrows every day. Your perfectly shaped and shaded eyebrows are ready to go every morning, even after you wash your face.

3. Gym and water proof

If you like sweating-it-up in the gym or spending time in the ocean, you’ll know how easily your eyebrows can rub off your face. It’s like you never put them on in the morning! With semi-permanent eyebrows, your eyebrows will stick around all day, all week, all month, and maybe even all year!

For eyebrows that will transform your morning makeup routine, call the Sunshine Coast’s semi-permanent makeup specialists on 07 5494 8251 or fill in our online appointment form here.

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