The stress-free and mess-free way to do eyeliner (cosmetic eyeliner tattoos!)

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Eyeliner Tattoo Sunshine Coast

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Eye liner was first used in 10,000 BC in Ancient Egypt. Some say it might just be the first makeup to have ever been used! Fast forward to 2019 and eyeliner is still very much part of our makeup routine. We now even have the technology to apply cosmetic eyeliner tattoos! If you love wearing eyeliner everyday, but don’t love the time and mess involved in applying and removing it, semi-permanent makeup may be just what you need.

Here are some common questions people have about eyeliner tattoos:

What is semi-permanent eyeliner or a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo?

A cosmetic eyeliner tattoo is a semi-permanent treatment, using a needle to deposit pigment into the skin. The pigment only goes into the first layers of the skin, unlike conventional tattoos, which goes much deeper into the skin.
How long do they last? At Clynic, we say between one year and five years. It all depends on age, skin and the colour you have.

Oooh, but eyeliner goes so close to the eye! Does it hurt? We use numbing creams to minimise any discomfort you may feel. The numbing cream is compounded to you specifically through a compounding pharmacist. Sensitivity to this procedure is minimal to none.

Can you get different shades of colour?

Absolutely! We understand everyone’s complexion is different, and on your first appointment, we will work out what colour will work best for you.

Apart from saving time, what else is good about cosmetic eyeliner tattoos?

For some people, putting eyeliner on every day can be really tricky! We don’t all have a steady hand and great eyesight when it comes to makeup. With cosmetic eyeliner tattoos, you never have to worry about removing or reapplying the next day! The other great benefit is for people with allergies or eye sensitivities. A lot of makeup on the market contains ingredients that irritate the skin. If you’ve been avoiding eyeliner because it irritates your eyes, semi-permanent makeup would be fantastic for you!

If you want to learn more or book in an appointment with the Sunshine Coast’s cosmetic tattoo specialists, call Clynic on 07 5494 8251 or fill in our online appointment form here.

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