Why cosmetic lip tattoos may be perfect for you

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Lip Tattoo Sunshine Coast

Ever considered getting a lip tattoo in Sunshine Coast? Save on time, mess and constant lipstick reapplying with cosmetic lip tattoos! 

Not an inner lip tattoo that says your lovers name or the word “Meow” like Kendall Jenner. The lip tattoos we do here at Clynic are on the outer lip. Imagine having your favourite lipstick colour on, 24/7. No smudging, removing, reapplying or touching up. You wake up and go to sleep, with the same beautiful shade.

Why get a cosmetic lip tattoo?

1. Some people work in an industry where they are applying and removing makeup every single day. Maybe you’re an air hostess or work in the beauty industry. With a cosmetic lip tattoo you can have your lips ready to go without moving a muscle. They are also great for swimmers, athletes, or anyone else who is sweating lots or always in the water. Or maybe you just want to remove the fuss of applying and maintaining your lipstick every day – regardless of how you spend your days, cosmetic lip tattoos can be a great way to save on time, mess and constant reapplying. All you’ll need is a smile.

2. If you have asymmetrical lips, a cosmetic lip tattoo may be a great option. We can create a new lip line that is more symmetrical but still works with your natural beauty.

3. Having a cosmetic lip tattoo doesn’t mean you can’t change the colour of your lips from time to time. You can still put traditional lipstick over the top, but the benefit is that the added lipstick will stay on for longer if you have cosmetic tattoo lips, than on regular lips.

4. They can last for over a year!

5. You can choose from a variety of colours – but we suggest going with something natural – you can always enhance it with different colours later.

6. With the treatment, you’ll also gain a collagen lift and renewed, freshened lips.

If you want to learn more or book in an appointment with the Sunshine Coast’s cosmetic tattoo specialists, call Clynic on 07 5494 8251 or fill in our online appointment form here.

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