Microblading vs Digital Machines – what’s the difference?

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Microblading Sunshine Coast

Get perfect eyebrows 24/7! Semi permanent makeup with microblading or digital machines! For microblading in Sunshine Coast, call Clynic: 07 5494 8251

Semi-permanent makeup is on the rise, as more people find out about its long list of benefits (imagine having perfect eyebrows 24/7!). Not only can you save loads of time in the morning when applying makeup, but you can save a lot of the fuss of removing and applying and maintaining your makeup throughout the day. Plus, living on the Sunshine Coast, there’s no short supply of gyms, exercise classes, water sports and outdoor activities. Semi-permanent makeup won’t run off or smudge – how amazing!

Microblading and digital machines are two different techniques used to create semi-permanent eyebrows. Depending on your skin type, one might be better suited to you.

What is microblading?

A microblade is a hand tool, made of lots of fine needles which create the blade. It is dipped into pigment and delicately “etched” into the skin to create the appearance of fine hairs. Microblading needs to be done by a highly skilled therapist to ensure the skin isn’t spliced. It doesn’t usually work well with oily skin as the colour doesn’t hold as well. Mature and sun damaged skin can be a challenge also.

What is a digital machine?

With a digital machine, pigment is placed into the skin with a tiny needle. To ensure accuracy, the machine gauges the depth of the needle that’s been inserted into the skin. This makes the hair strokes more consistent in colour and depth.

Major differences

  1. Microblading doesn’t last as long as a digital machine because of the difference in depth of pigment etched into the skin.
    A digital machine inserts pigment to the skin, whereas the microblade etches the line across the skin.
  2. With multiple treatments of microblading, repeated etching of the skin could result in damage and scarring to the skin.
  3. We usually say there’s a limit of approximately 4 colour boosts before scar tissue can occur. Digital machines insert pigment into the skin which is different to etching across the surface with a blade – creating less trauma thus upholding the integrity of the skin better.

At Clynic we offer both procedures because we appreciate all skin is different. If you would like to find out more about the treatments we offer, browse the treatment section on our website: https://staging.clynic.com.au.

Clynic is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Landsborough, Queensland – Just around the corner from Maleny, Buderim, Caloundra, the Glass House Mountains and Ilkley!

Microblading Sunshine Coast – Semi Permanent Makeup – Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

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