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Lash Lamination Sunshine Coast

Get dark and long eyelashes with lash lamination in Sunshine Coast. Eyelash lift treatment at great prices! Book today at Clynic: 07 5494 8251

Eyelashes are considered by many as a sign of health. In Ancient Egyptian, eye makeup was worn by wealthy citizens on the brows, lashes and lids. Dark eyelashes are also considered to indicate femininity.

It can’t be denied that long, luscious, healthy and voluminous lashes help to open and widen our eyes – enhancing our natural beauty.

Today, there are many different ways you can bring length, colour and volume to your lashes. Lash extensions are one way – where individual synthetic hairs are added to your lash line with glue. You may not have heard of a lash lamination or ‘lash lift’, which brings thickness and darkness to your lashes, much like getting eyelash extensions. If you’re a bit unsure about what lash lamination is, we’ve compiled some key information below:

Keratin lash lamination is a more gentle approach when compared with lash perming

In a lash lamination, keratin is used to naturally lift your lashes and enhance their thickness and darkness. In addition to lifting your lashes, the keratin can also help to strengthen your lashes.

A lash lamination helps to repair damaged and short lashes

Like a keratin treatment for your hair, a lash lamination helps your damaged and short lashes to gain strength and length. It is deeply moisturising and helps to increase their volume. So if your lashes have been damaged, a lash lamination helps to bring them back to life.

It can last 6-10 weeks

The amount of time your lifted lashes last will depend on how well you care for them and the natural cycle of your lashes. You also need to be cautious of using oil-based makeup or makeup remover, as the oil can disrupt the keratin.

They can look more natural-looking and easier to maintain than lash extensions

A lash lift is a simple way to bring a natural-looking thickness and length to your lashes, without the glues and maintenance of lash extensions. And you’ll have no more tangled lashes.

Are you looking to open your eyes with thicker lashes or want a treatment that strengthens and nourishes your lashes? Book your appointment to lift your eyelashes today by calling us on (07) 5494 8251, or fill out the form on our website here. We’re located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland and service Buderim, Caloundra, Landsborough, Ilkley and surrounds!

Lash Lamination Sunshine Coast – Brow & EyeLash Keratin Lift

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