What to know before your cosmetic tattooing treatment

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Cosmetic Tattooing Sunshine Coast

Get a professional semi-permanent makeup treatment – lips, eyebrows and eyeliner! For cosmetic tattooing in Sunshine Coast, call Clynic: 07 5494 8251

Cosmetic tattoo’s can revolutionise your mornings and confidence, giving you a lasting, natural look that you don’t have to apply and take off every day! If you’ve made the commitment to getting a cosmetic tattoo treatment, or are still considering it, here’s a few things you should know before your treatment.

Your first appointment is a consultation where we will discuss the colour, shape and style of your cosmetic tattoo. We understand every person has their own individual preference when it comes to their look. We take this into account, whilst working with the shape of your face, to produce a look that you will love. Whilst you may be eager to get your semi-permanent makeup treatment, the first consultation is necessary to ensure you know what to expect before coming into treatment and to make sure you go home with a look you love. Please note: We don’t take on every client at Clynic – so this consultation is also important for assessing if our treatments will be right for you.

Unlike “tattoos” on the body which are permanent, cosmetic tattoos are not – They are semi-permanent and will fade over time. The time your cosmetic tattoos last can vary, but we say between one year and five years. Refinements and colour boosting are available at a reduced cost within a certain time period, and keep your eyebrows, lips or eyeliner looking fresh, all year round.

Anyone can get them! It doesn’t matter if you’re twenty-seven, forty or sixty, male or female! Regardless of your age, ethnicity and gender, you can get a cosmetic tattoo treatment. One of our recent clients at Clynic was 87! There are some health conditions that we advise against this procedure. Give us a call at the clinic if you have any concerns.

It’s not like a normal tattoo – Some people hear the word “tattoo” and think the procedure and outcome will be just like conventional tattoos. In the cosmetic tattooing world, we are only able to use semi-permanent pigments.

Recovery after treatment is age and skin dependent. Lip treatments do tend to take some more time. For a week after treatment, we recommend any activities that will fully immerse the area in water.

Keep in mind, semi permanent makeup is semi permanent and therefore very difficult to remove once you’ve had your treatment. That’s why we like to go for a natural, “less is more” approach. You can always touch up later with another treatment.

Book in your consultation now with the Sunshine Coasts’ cosmetic tattoo specialists by calling 07 5494 8251 or fill in our online appointment form here.

Cosmetic Tattooing Sunshine Coast – Semi-Permanent Makeup, Lip, Eyebrow & Eyeliner Tattoos

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